OPDATERET 04.07.19: EurILCA is recommending to vote NO.

We, as EurILCA, would like to inform you that we do NOT agree with the reasons for this vote and consequently do ask our members to vote NO for the following reasons:

      Voting NO does not mean that you vote is for Laser being kick out of the Olympics, but it will force all the parties to come to an agreement with the ongoing negotiations.

      A lot of progress has been made in the negotiations and discussions between World Sailing, ILCA and the commercial parties. There is still documents to be signed which are relevant to maintain Olympic status like the Olympic contract for example. EurILCA is fully aware of World Sailing’s statements in this regard. From EurILCA’s judgment the deadline of 1st August, 2019 for the FRAND policy and related documents required by World Sailing can be met if all the parties keep working together as they do right now.

      Current progress in the process of closing out the issues between ILCA and LP and consequently to get agreements on several issues are very promising. As an example, the license agreement regarding using the trademark for the name “Laser” between ILCA and LP has just been signed.

      We are convinced that any activity to remove the trademark ( just after the Trademark agreement was signed) is provocative and destroying the just build up trust we could recently feel between the parties All parties are in agreement that the Olympic status is important to the class; this common goal is enough of an incentive to keep working together to resolve the remaining issues.

      This vote – while being declared as fall back scenario for a plan B – will allow to change the name of our boat to “ ILCA DINGHY” without any further consultation of the members of ILCA. Do you want to call your boat an ILCA dinghy?

         It’s also could be consider as a blank check to ILCA management to rename our class at any time they wish.

     The document states that it would only be used in case no agreement between the parties could be achieved as an ultimate tool to remain Olympic. EurILCA is not trusting this statement. The outcome of the vote would only be available after the deadline of 1st August, 2019. So, in the unlikely case that no agreement was achieved between the parties the Laser would be out of the Olympics no matter what the outcome of the ballot.

      We cannot even fully judge all the changes of the rules as only 1 article – see below – is mentioned and then it includes the phrase in yellow which will allow ILCA to modify ALL other rules of the class rules accordingly. In our opinion this is not acceptable as we would like to know each and every change of the rules.

      In February 2019, ILCA proposed this rule change for voting to the World council. At that time 2 Europeans members of the World council vote in favor after a week of consultation of the EurILCA board. Later on we discovered that we were miss inform and that we had not all the documents to understand the situation. We had no idea that it was for the name change. If we will have known that it was for the name change we will have vote NO.

      Is it a coincidence that the ILCA board proposed a rule change last year to move from 6 months to one month the voting period?

      We also discovered recently that the ILCA board has created a company called” Weather helm” in order to do some commercial activities. The World council was never informed about this.

The Proposed Class Rule Change

Change the ILCA Class Rules, Part 1, as follows:

Definition of Builder:

A Builder is a manufacturer that has the rights to use a Laser trademark, is manufacturing the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sails and battens in strict adherence to the Construction Manual, and has been approved as a Laser Builder by each of World Sailing and the International Laser Class Association.

If approved, other class rules affected by this rule change will be modified to be consistent with the amended definition of Builder. This will include all rules covering the brand name of the equipment.


Hvis du er medlem af Laser Association Denmark (LAD), er du inviteret til at stemme for en ILCA regel ændring.

ILCA foreslår medlemmer til at stemme "JA" til regel ændringen som har til formål at:

Your vote "YES" will:

1) Make sure that our class will remain in the Olympics.

2) Allow for healthy market competition and ensure that class-legal equipment is available in ALL parts of the world.

3) Give control of our class to the sailors, not the commercial parties.



Please Vote NOW on ILCA 2019 Proposed Rule Change: 

1 July - 31 July 2019


Dear District Members,

Voting is now open for a VERY important ILCA rule change. Please vote "YES" to secure the future of our class and to make sure that we remain in the Olympics!


The 2019 Rule Change vote is VERY important, as ILCA works to meet new requirements imposed by the World Sailing Council in their 2024 Olympic Equipment Policy, which includes allowing competitive supply of boats and parts by qualified builders worldwide. 

In a vote of the ILCA World Council, this rule change was overwhelmingly approved by an 11 to 2 margin, including the unanimous approval of all six ILCA Regional Chairmen.

The class now needs your support! 

Your vote "YES" will:

1) Make sure that our class will remain in the Olympics.

2) Allow for healthy market competition and ensure that class-legal equipment is available in ALL parts of the world.

3) Give control of our class to the sailors, not the commercial parties.

If you would like additional information about the proposed rule change, click on any of the following links:

To be counted you must vote by 31 July 2019.

In order to secure the future of our class, please take a moment to click the link below and vote "YES" now in a quick, 1-question online survey. 

There is also a link to voting on the ILCA website:

Thank you for voting on this vital proposed rule change. 

Best Regards,


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